About Us

Our mission is simple. We help youth grow their interests
in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Jobs in STEM fields are important to our nation's future success.

Unfortunately, students tend to lose interest during high school. High school seniors are 10 percent less likely to be interested in STEM-related careers than their freshmen counterparts.

The U.S. science and technology workforce, 7.4 million people in 2012, is expected to top 8.6 million by 2018. When the number of self-employed in STEM fields is included, the projected number jumps to 15.7 million. The estimated shortage is as many as 3 million people in high-skilled STEM jobs by 2018.

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    Million stem workers in 2012
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    Amt Greater stem worker earns
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    Stem Workers with degree


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    Develop Skills

    The experiments in STEM Labs are a chance to be creative, develop your leadership and communication skills, and learn to think like a STEM professional.

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    Build A Career

    STEM paves the way for a bright future career. STEM jobs are projected to grow 17% by 2018, and STEM salaries average 26% more than for non-STEM jobs.

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    Prepare For The Future

    Increase your confidence and the vision of your potential by learning from STEM professionals. Discover and explore possibilities for your future.

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    Hands-on Experiments

    See how real people in real companies use experiments like the ones you do in the STEM Lab to invent new technologies and medicines, and develop ideas that change people's lives.