Meet The Team

Working together as a team is fun. Oh, the things you'll learn from one another! Sir Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." Scroll down to learn about your DayCamps instructors, or click here to learn more about the team behind the STEM DayCamps program. 

Meet Marc

Marc Cardin has over 20 years of experience in summer camp management in both Day Camp and Sleep-away Camps. As a full-time summer camp professional he manages a team that operates three sleep-away camps and over 23 weeks of Day Camps each summer. He holds Camp Director certification from National Camping School and is thrilled to once again lead the staff team for Stem Day Camps Rhode Island.

Marc has a passion for environmental science and has been volunteering as a water quality monitor with University of Rhode Island’s Watershed Watch for the past 10 years. He volunteers annually with the Buckeye Brook Coalition Direct Fish Count where he helps RI DEM monitor the spawning population of river herring, with the Save the Bay Seal Count in Narragansett Bay each January through April, and
spends time as a Save the Bay Beach Cleanup leader. He is an avid gardener and beekeeper.

His favorite role is that of a parent of a seven and five year old. Watching his children interact with the natural world has galvanized his belief in the importance of STEM Education among children at the Elementary school level.

Meet Mike

Mike Brown has over 16 years of camp management experience.  He has served 9 years as the Camp Director of four sleep away camps as well as a Program Director overseeing 23 weeks of day camp at five locations.  Mike has a passion for the camping field and has been involved in camps since he could first attend at an early age.  Mike serves STEM Day Camps in a supporting role handling many of the behind the scenes logistics.

In Mike’s spare time, he is a bee keeper and gardener  He is also an amateur musician, which utilizes the language of mathematics.  The remainder of Mike’s time is focused on his Wife and 4 ear old daughter who is already exploring the STEM fields and will be a budding candidate for STEM Day Camp in a few years.